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to barack obama in 2012, i don't want any more stimulus money. the last thing i need is to hire more public employees. as we go through the policy deba debates, remember the consequences of the choices we're making and the people doing the work we're talking about. >> well said, karen. the president introduced the american jobs act in 2011. as you know, it would have provided states with $35 billion to prevent layoffs of everyone from teachers, to police officers and firefighters. of course, this went nowhere due to republican opposition in congress. representative jan schakowsky of illinois is reintroducing legislation that would put over 50,000 police officers and firefighters back on the beat. >> right. >> surely that legislation is now going to be given greater consideration, isn't it? >> surely you would think there's no possibility anyone could possibly, possibly oppose such a thing, right? you know, martin, again, it's going to be hard to tell because what we'll hear in the conversation is that we've got to make hard choices. i think what, you know, in the aftermath, though, of the b
. as you mentioned if thee guys got it through a loophole, we just had weeks of debate here in washington ending with the nra victory. but if there is a terrorism element to this when we gear up and president obama said he does want to get something passed we could see a whole new dimension to the gun control debate. >> cenk: joe, doesn't it put a line to the nra talking point well it doesn't matter because criminals can always get the guns any way. if it turns out that they got a way that was simpler because you wouldn't close that loophole, then aren't you helping the criminal, in this case the terrorists. >> it very much plays out that way. one of the great ironies about the whole situation is this a total accumulation of hot buttons, immigration gun control and terrorism civil liberties in a way we didn't expect where we have terrorists who don't look like the traditional notion of terrorists. and then the gun battle, and then the debate over immigration whether or not these guys got their guns legally because they were legal citizens. one of them was not a citizen and how they came t
the dublin interchange we are beginning to see some delays now through livermore but the drive time is still about 20 minutes between the altamont pass and the dublin interchange. that's a check of your "timesaver traffic." back to you guys. >> thank you. >>> president obama will visit boston today to attend a service honoring victims of the marathon bombings on monday. the death toll from monday's explosion still remains at 3 with more than 170 injured including some who of course had limbs amputated from that bombing. surveillance video appears to be the focus of the investigation now. and as susan mcginnis reports, images show at least one suspicious man in the moments prior to the explosions. >>> reporter: the scene of the second bomb that went off during monday's boston marathon may give us our first look at the suspected bomber. sources tell cbs news that security cameras at a lord & taylor store captured a man leaving a bag in the area just before the blast. the suspect is described as a young white man seen carrying a backpack and talking on a cell phone. sources say he was wearing
shut down this morning. the national guard is patrolling the streets. president obama said whoever is behind the explosions that killed these three people and injured more than 140 others at the marathon will feel the full weight of justice. investigators right now combing through the evidence this morning with the fbi and the boston police asking anyone who may have seen something, heard anything, share na information with authorities. i'm joined by pamela brown. >> good morning to you, john. this area, the heart of boston's back bay, very popular area. still closed. the residents being asked to stay hyper vigilant. also there is a heavy law enforcement presence. authorities are investigating who's behind this act of terror, how they were able to carry it out and why. >> reporter: just before 3:00 p.m., more than 4:09 into the race, a thunderous boom. celebratory cheer turned into screams of horror. seconds later, at least 50 yards away, another. runners and spectators at the finish line stunned. that shock rippled through the crowd, many running from the scene, others towards it.
has been discovered through surveillance video. no one is under arrest as far as we know and no suspects have been publicly identified. we also have new video to show you of president obama and the first lady heading off to attend a multi-faith prayer service in boston to honor the victims. chris pollone joins us live in boston. >> reporter: we expect the president and first lady to land any minute. it is a very short flight from washington, d.c. up here to boston. once they arrive, they will be headed to logan airport from the cathedral of holy cross. the president is expected to deliver the closing remarks of this prayer service that is scheduled to begin at 11:00 eastern. we'll continue to monitor that for you. with regard to the investigation, we expect to hear more from the fbi. yesterday, it was revealed to nbc news that they believe they have isolated two men who appear to be carrying some sort of black nylon backpack. they believe those gentleman were carrying the bombs that were used in this attack. they were seen on the video with back tac backpacks and later on
gone through. aaron hern was hit by shrapnel in the leg as bombs have exploded. now, only an i.v. is left. the breathing tube is gone. he is talking and alert. first lady michelle obama visited aaron in the hospital and left stuffed animals for aaron and his sister. back home, hundreds of students recorded a get-bell video for aaron that will be sent to him at the hospital. a number of restaurants holding fund-raisers. k kinders meat and rocks on view, donating a portion of the profits to the family. no word on when he might be returning home. christie smith, "today in the bay." >> thank you very much, kristy. nbc will have much more ahead when the "today" show starts. we are also updating our website around the clock with the latest information. for updates any time you want them, head over to our home page, nbc bay and search boston. >>> time to update us on the forecast as we give you a live look. san francisco, a nice bay area morning. things are going to warm up. meteorologist, rob mayeda, in for christina this morning. we don't really have the sea breeze or the l
it wasn't worth it. >> president obama yesterday. he was standing alongside newtown families and other victims of gun violence including former congresswoman gabby giffords expressing his frustration over the senate's inability to push through any stricter gun legislation. today the newtown families are pushing forward figuring out what the next steps are for gun legislation. with me now is carlie soto. her sister, victoria, was killed in the newtown shooting. you spent a lot of time on capitol hill learning the ropes of becoming a lobbyist. trying to go one by one to convince people to do this. what were the conversations like with folks that you saw ending voting against your wishes? >> heartbreaking. you tell your story. you tell how your loved one died. they just look at you with this blank look. there's no compassion in their eyes. they don't care. they'll vote no any way. i can feel it in the room and with their responses that they give. >> when you watched the vote yesterday, what was your reaction? >> we knew before going into the vote into the gallery that we weren't going to
are only able to glance at the investigation headlines through their grief and mourning. for boston, the loss suffered on monday feels personal, even to people who don't personally know any of the victims. president obama came to the cathedral of the holy cross today, just a short walk from the finish line of the marathon to talk to boston and the nation about that personal loss. >> our prayers are with the richard family of dorchester. to denise and the young daughter, jane. as they fight to recover. and our hearts are broken for 8-year-old martin with his big smile and bright eyes. his last hours were as perfect as an 8-year-old boy could hope for. with his family, eating ice cream at a sporting event. and we're left with two enduring images of this little boy. forever smiling for his beloved bruins. and forever expressing a wish he made on a blue poster board. no more hurting people. peace. no more hurting people. peace. >> today i visited with the school where those words were written. no more hurting people. peace. the neighborhood house charter school is in the neighborhood wh
, but the obama administration has tremendous experience in the prosecution of terrorist suspects. they've looked at this issue and i'm completely confident they're going to do it through a federal court and you're not going to see the enemy combatant issue become a major issue for the obama administration. >> roger, the fact they are putting this special safety categorization right now, the saturday for the greater community, how long can that last? is there a time frame in which it will expire and they must mirandize him, get him an attorney if he wants one? >> well, i trust what pete williams says on these things and there is a period of time, 36 to 48 hours. it's somewhat fudgible. it will defend when aware enough and coherent enough to begin to answer questions. but remember, the exception is about imminent threat. does he know of any other terrorist plots? has he planted any other devices? it's about the immediate safety and security of american citizens. and once law enforcement has concluded that is not an issue anymore based on his questions, they'll then move on to what will be the trad
. >> he will not be treated as an enemy combatant. we will prosecute this terrorist through our civilian system of justice. >> i strongly disagree with the obama administration's decision to rule out enemy combatant status for this suspect. >> reporter: and the question of whether the fbi dropped the ball in 2011 when it looked at tamerlan tsarnaev's activity will be the subject of a closed-door briefing on capitol hill later today, when law enforcement officials brief lawmakers. john? >> all right, barbara starr, thanks so much. barbara starr in washington. i want to bring back fran townsend, cnn analyst, former homeland security adviser to president george w. bush. and fran, i want to get your take here. where do you think the investigation stands right now? we've had these initial criminal complaints given dzhokhar tsarnaev. we've seen sort of the case laid out just a little bit. but how about the investigation itself? what are the next steps? >> well, first of all, we know from investigators that they're cooperating with the russians. i talked to sources, federal sources, and the coo
and security implications of targeted killing through drones. the oversight come after some pretty major breakthroughs in an attempt to oversee the drone program. last month the federal appeals court roolds against the obama administration's argument that it was a state secret. the court ordered the cia to respond to freedom of information requests about targeted killing. a few days later, three obama officials told the daily beast that the drone program will move from the cia to the defense department. that could increase accountability and transparency. the president also responded by saying this at the state of the union. >> i will continue to engage congress to ensure not only that our targeting, detention and prosecution of terrorists remains consistent with our laws and system of checks and balances. but that our efforts are even more transparent to the american people and to the world. >> but it looks like that effort is not getting very far. the administration refused to even send a witness to testify and answer questions at today's hearings. the chair of the hearing told us the
and inland pushing 70 degrees. but a wind advisory through the delta. >>> this is a cbs news special report. i'm anthony mason in new york. president obama about to make a statement about the deadly terror attack at the boston marathon. to get you up to date three people were killed when two bombs went off near the finish line 17 66 people treated at boston area hospitals. no other explosive devices found. bob orr with information on the makeup of the bombs. bob. >> that's right, anthony. law enforcement officials told us they are learning more about the two bombs. these were two ied stzs, impro fized explosive devices placed near ground level. there is conflict inging information on whether they were in trash cans or placed on the ground near trash recans. they were laced with ball bearings, nails. these were purposefully designed to cause maximum damage in a crowded area. no claims of responsibility, there are no official suspects investigators have been talking to people. they talked to a young saudi man, but our sources are telling us that so far, is he not e
the republicans are the minority. they're doing the same thing to president barack obama. that is a very slippery slope that is being -- that you're witnessing here, an increasing use of filibuster and the demand for the 60-vote requirement to get, really, anything through. i think that that's -- you know, this was a vigorous debate at the beginning of the year to try to change the senate rules. there are folks who wanted to do that. but the democrats, harry reid, the senate majority leader said i don't want to go that route. i don't want to eliminate the filibuster and weaken it substantially. >> why. >> why? because they'll be in the minority themselves and they'll neat the filibuster to block the republican agenda. >> and, manu, going back to the reform on immigration, what happens next? >> we're going to see a hearing in the senate judiciary committee tomorrow and then monday you'll see the legislative process begin and take shape after that. starting in may that same committee is going to start to vote on amendments on that plan, probably will pass that committee and then it's going hit the
ruse to get administration to come in and take my stuff. he president obama is not going to dispel it and you are not going to and i am not going to. >> when you said gun registry would work. how with you going to get it through the senate. >> bill: greater good. if you tie in a registration process which i don't think is a wrong thing to do that do you that even if you don't like it because you are giving police incentive to really crack down on the villains, the stop and frisk you take them off that's five years then the bad guys aren't going to carry and gun violence will drop. look, if you go to sing apoor, that's how they control it i know what i'm talking about. i know the societies that control gun violence and i know how they do it. president obama is clueless. he basically puts all the pressure on the law abiding people and law abiding people know it he doesn't have a solution to gun violence in his own town. they have the strictest handgun laws in the country and who is getting mowed down? 30, 40 people every weekend. everybody knows it's a phony issue. >> they made a cal
. then he can get through the agenda. but that is so not president obama's -- not the way this president operates. the idea he would go to these democrats who have voted against something that he clearly put a lot of store by, saying, right, you voted against me, i'm going to do everything i can to make your life hell until you switch your vote. i don't see the president doing that. it may be the most effective way to do it, but i don't see that's the way he's going to operate. >> maybe, steve rattner, he should do that for the families of newtown. >> first of all, margaret thatcher and winston churchill didn't have to make phone calls. if they didn't get their way -- >> didn't stop her. >> that's true. she had to make phone calls. but the point is there were consequences if they did not support the government. they would have to have elections, they might lose their seats. here, there's no real power the president has over it other than yelling at them, screaming at them, taking away their bridges. these four democrats are up for reelection next year and so they believe -- >> one of the
moqbel of yemen. in a recent "new york times" op- ed, told to his lawyers through an interpreter, he wrote: in all, 86 men remain at guantanamo, who have been cleared for release from the facility, 56 without restrictions; another 30 with conditions. all this, despite the fact president obama signed an executive order to close the military prison at guantanamo bay, more than four years ago. but congress has blocked the transfer of any detainees to the mainland u.s. and some, like the yemeni moqbel, are men without countries: their native nations have refused to take them back. several high-level al qaida detainees, like 9/11 planner khalid sheikh mohammad, are among the few facing military trial at the prison. for more on the hunger strike, i'm joined by a reporter who's logged more hours in guantanamo than any other journalist, carol rosenberg of the "miami herald." carol, welcome. more than a dozen are now being force-fed. how is the determination made which prisoners are restrained and fed by force? >> the military says they have a calculus that looks at how much weight has been l
injured after an explosion ripped through the crowded finish line on monday. it is still not known who was behind the deadly attack and whether they are foreign or domestic terrorist and why they did it. >> president obama plans to visit boston to attend and interest paid service in honor of the victims'. >> as the investigation in the attack continues. we're learning more about the victims. martin richard and crystal campbell were killed in the explosion. a graduate student from china by but her name is not been released. ed payne has more on the story. >> they came to the boston marathon to cheer on the runners of lost their lives on two bombs exploded near the finish line leaving those in the devastated. patty campbell talked about her daughter crystal. >> everyone that knew her loved her. she loved her dog. >> last night hundreds gathered for a candlelight vigil to honor the youngest beckhvictim martin richard. >> if he was never sat or down he was happy and cheerful and ready to go. he was all around a wonderful kid. it is unfortunate it had to happen to him as a young age. >> at
remarks at the cathedral of the holy cross. president obama will be serving in a role as consoler and chief. he reflected here in recent days. he talked about those who ran in this marathon, people who had gone through this grueling race, and even after that went to the hospital to give blood to those who were injured. we heard him touching on the tone and inspirational stories. >> all right, thank you very much brianna. when we come back, i want to show you new exclusive photos of the bomb, the investigation, and i will be talking live with one of the first people on the scene. change makes people nervous. but i see a world bursting with opportunity, with ideas, with ambition. i'm thinking about china, brazil, india. the world's a big place. i want to be a part of it. ishares international etfs. emerging markets and single countries. find out why nine out of ten large professional investors choose ishares for their etfs. ishares by blackrock. call 1-800-ishares for a prospectus, which includes investment objectives, risks, charges and expenses. read and consider it carefully befo
coming through the ceiling at chicago's o'hare airport and much more in a moment. also new information about a security scare involving the poisonous substance risen that might have been sent to president obama and a senator. a father of four has been arrested. pierre thomas is here with the latest. pierre? >> reporter: good morning. a suspect identified as paul kevin curtis was arrested at his home in mississippi. the fbi says he's the man who tried to send two potentially poisonous letters to president obama and mississippi senator roger wicker. we're waiting final test results on whether the letters actually contained risen, a deadly poison made from beans. he describes himself on his facebook page as a karate enthusiast and elvis impersonator. he's facing serious charges. >>> during a public relations nightmare for months carnival cruise lines is spending $30 million ang improvements, an extra generator and upgrading fire safety systems. it follows a debacle in february when thousands of passengers were stranded in the gulf of mexico with no working bathrooms. finally, a high schoo
and it takes a while to comb through it. >> all right. and then on the other big story of the week, gun control, it was voted down. the proposal that was brought to the senate was voted down yesterday. president obama not very happy about that. here is what he had to say after that vote, listen. all right. i thought we had that but we do not. i'm sorry. at any rate, he said it was basically an embarrassment for the u.s. senate not to have -- not to have passed the legislation. your response? >> i think there are things that we can do to improve background checks. i think a lot of us had real issues with the mansion-toomey approach. in my case i thought it inch coached into private -- encroached into private sales too much. its not that republicans don't want to do something on this. most of us do. i think all of us do. that wasn't the right approach. hopefully we'll be able to find that. jon: the president obviously had the support of harry reid. harry reid says he's going to do everything he can, move heaven and earth to bring this legislation back in a form that can pass. but it has been sai
will be through. i went on a college campus and met with the students and the faculty. they would always ask me questions. i would ask them questions -- what do you all see in obama? you know what the white women said? he is sexy. sexy. john lewis and they went down, and i walked up here and i said, i want to ask you a question. he said, do you think barack is sexy? and i listened very carefully to the answer. [laughter] and she said, no comment. [laughter] i am coming home now, al. i will not be here next year. but i want you to hear, god is sending us a message. what better message can he send us than to put a man in charge all the white fellows, they take orders from barack. be evert think i would able to see it, but i'm glad i did. i'm glad i did. god, this is a new day for us. we have no business acting like we used to. negro. calling for a new thattch the new leadership he has given the world. but the know about you, leader of the free world is a black man. [applause] if that does not make you become a new person, something is wrong with you. if you are still acting like you used to act w
in the region to carry out these attacks. >> richard, what about the obama's handling of this incident here? in your experience, how many times, how often is it the case that there are situations like this brought to their attention and then they have to look through the evidence and consider whether to respond? >> absolutely. first of all, i think the response has been excellent in that it's been so measured. yes, we have to find out who did it, why they did it and the look into the ramifications of that. now we're in that second or even third stage. and the second thing is, you know, it's now 11, almost 12 years since the attacks of 9/11 and there has been no major attack in the united states since then. even this, as horrible as it was, couldn't have been cast really on the scale of 9/11. so i think the prosecutions put in place here by not just the obama administration, but by the authorities generally have been pretty effective. >> look, you've written in the past, as well, about terrorism and financial stability. and there was a lot of consideration, especially here in london and know
take up arms against the united states could be treated as unlawful enemy combatant. the obama administration said definitely now but congress can act to change that. jenna: viewers remember the name jose padilla an american citizen labeled an enemy combatant, held in that capacity but several years later put through the american court system. >> right. the reason he was put through the american court system was not because the supreme court said he had to be, the politics changed and the position of the administration changed and 2009 revisions of the act now an american citizen is excluded. we have the united states itself going back to george washington has had a long history of using military commissions including against u.s. citizens. john wilkes booth and coconspirators in the lincoln assassination were prosecuted by military commission. when germany landed spies off the coast of long island and florida they were rounded up within a matter of days. at least one of which was an american citizen. they were tried by military commission and executed within a matter of weeks.
, thank you. i was the innocent -- president creation. now, i went through this all, a brilliant presentation. thank y you happen to agree wit all the time. [laughter] aside from that, i have 42 questions reduced to one tactical question. way did you think of obama's pressuring abbas to drop the precondition on settlements when he was there? abbas has got, palestinians have nothing else to negotiate and takes that out of his hands. >> golf -- t ya. >> from maryland, full membership in the united nation, and americans ruin it so far. >> uh-huh. >> voice of america. foinobama listening to and diplomacy state, you envision the u.s. to launch a peace, an initiative, and if so, would it be constrained to the commitment? >> thank you, would it be constrained by that, yeah. let me start, again, with the last one first. i have a set of questions that were just e-mailed to me by your colleagues. if i answer you, i don't have to answer her. i -- i don't know. as i said in answer to an earlier question, i don't know what's going to happen. i have no pipeline to this administration, do not
. while he's making jokes like that. >> stephanie: it was the same as it ever was. snarky political anti-obama stuff. oh okay. all right. here's another one. two brothers watching the boston marathon, each lost a leg. these are the -- this is what people were going through yesterday in boston. liz norton, mother of five had finished hauling groceries into her home when her cell phone rang. ma, i'm hurt real bad said her 31-year-old son. he was in an ambulance. her second boy who had gone with the older brother to watch the boston marathon. her son said his legs were badly burned. his brother had been next to him. he didn't know where he was. they find out each of the brothers last a leg from the knee down. this is the stuff people were dealing with. all right. the president yesterday talking about the -- >> obama: who carried out this attack or why. whether it was planned and executed by a terrorist organization foreign or domestic. or was the act of a monthly ev lent individual. >> i can't wait for wayne lapierrre to say guns don't kill people, pressure cookers kill people. you shouldn't have
to see this continue rather than have the current administration through the e.p.a. try to rein this in and force us to rely on more expensive, untested energy sources in our country. you know, president obama and the e.p.a. are pushing this overprescriptive regulatory agenda without adequate cost benefit analysis, workable timelines and input from the industry. and both of the proposed and current regulations being promoted by the e.p.a. are having sweeping negative impacts on coal-fueled electricity generation in this country. according to the national economic resorgee -- research associates, it is estimated that compliance costs of these e.p.a. regulations on the electric sector will average $15 billion to $16 billion per year and who pays for that? who is going to pay for the extra cost -- extra cost to our electric industry, $15 billion to $16 billion? i'll tell you who, it's the families in my district who are living from paycheck to paycheck and who are struggling to put food on the table. when they see that -- when they see their electric bill go up every month because
of -- of those men have been distributed to law enforcement. and people are going through those photos to try to determine if, in fact, these men may have had a role. today, we're also expecting the test results from the letters sent to president obama and the republican senator, roger wicker of mississippi, those letters are suspected to have been tainted, to have been laced with the poison ricin. it can kill. you ricin. the fbi has arrested a man in mississippi in connection with this case. his name, paul kevin curtis, and he also is an elvis presley impersonator of all things. officials across the nation are looking for more suspicious letters even as we speak right now. chris cuomo watching all of this. just outside the cathedral of the holy cross, where the interfaith memorial service will take place, chris. >> all right, thanks, wolf. people lined up since 4:00 in the morning. the name of the service is called healing our city. clear gee from all over boston. political dignitaries here, archbishop sean cardinal o'malley will be here, and the guest of honor, president obama and the first
were going through the mail thursday at theirio headquarters in baltimore when ey found a strange looking envelopeith no return address and had a memphis postmark just like a letteto president obama and republican senate this week that tested positive for the deadly poison ricin. nothing determined to be suspicious. at the article points out, a lot of offices and people are on guard. we're also looking at what's ppening in congress this week. we will be focusing on immigration and the immigration bill in the senate in a little while here on the washington journal. "usa today" reporting senator marco rubio in florida is leading the right flank in the immigration bill battle. and the senate freezes the gun bill in hopes of a compromise. majority leader harry reid pledges he will come back after the bill fails. the story says that leader reid hit a pause in the gun bill penn state while senators see whether they can find a workable compromise on spending background checks on gun purchases. other news outlets looking at the gun bill that died in the senate yesterday. democrats give us
the attacks had on his city. attended by president obama and the first lady. >>> high-tech police equipment helped authorities catch a bombing suspect, dzhozhar tsarnaev. massachusetts state police released these infrared images taken by a helicopter. these allowed the officer to see through the tarp that covered the boat where that 19- year-old was hiding friday afternoon. officers fired warning shots to see if there was any movement. because fears of explosives, a special police vehicle with a long clamp went in and removed that tarp. now police eventually fired a flash bang grenade to stun him. here are photos of him walking off the boat. he was bleeding with gun shot wounds to the leg and neck and cbs is now reporting that investigators are trying to figure out if that neck wound was actually an attempt to commit suicide. >>> the uncle of the suspect says the older brother, tamerlan, likely convinced his younger brother, dzhokhar to take part. the uncle believes the older brother was radicalized, including an islamic leader. >> we learned a martinez boy could come home around the end o
words, the policies are filtered through the partisan political system. i think you know how this goes. think of health care. just about every individualite them the affordable care act is very, very popular. obama care itself, well, that's a different story. there are democrats, lot of democrats, that probably lost their seats in 2010 because of their party's embrace of it. similar story on guns. ask about background checks and everyone is for them. ask about broader attitudes towards guns and it is a different story. should gun laws be more or less strict? public opinion split right down the middle. the partisan political system invariably distorts tissue being debated and encourages voters to think tribally and philosophical philosophically, filter background checks through this and it gets more complex. saying this week's vote was not an easy vote for many senators. this is not to let anyone off the hook. if we are going to understand exactly why an idea as simple as universal back ground checks can't get through the senate now we need to zoom in real tight. that's what we will do
on the front page of every newspaper, and i want president obama with those names on a billboard at the press conference, the time has come for the president to have a sister soldier moment and stand up to his own party as well as of course through a majority of republicans who are in the tank for the nra in not in any way excusing republicans, but the immorality of not allowing a vote to decide that they don't have a very good reason on background checks but they could at least try to review the merits on this. we need to out these people who are preventing democracy from occurring on the floor of the senate. >> stephanie: i agree. your book j"crisis tales" jit's like a crisis a day. i don't know what is going between the ricin attacks, and the explosion in texas, i made a joke about cnn but they weren't the only ones they were just first. how do you advise people in situations like this. where they said a boston suspect had been arrested, and he had dark skin, which was obviously not true because nobody was arrested. it seems like in reporting crises, pe
, the commander in chief, will decide how many troops are there. you'll make a recommendation up there through the chain, is that correct? >> that's correct, senator. >> well, one of the things that was troubling to me is our commander in chief, president obama has been there five years and we've got troops on the ground in harm's way right this minute. and this is why mr. michael o'hanlon, the defense analyst at brookings said in this article april 2. one of the most consistent, i guess, observers of our operations in afghanistan and iraq of anybody in america. from the beginning he's been observing, commenting and writing about it and this is the liberal heritage foundation. he says the absence of a clear message from obama about continuing u.s. presence in afghanistan may be an indication excuse me. -- excuse me. he's not saying this. this is what the writer said. the absence of a clear message may be an indication that the president has not made up his mind, said michael o'hanlon, defense analyst at brookings. "obviously obama was of two minds about keeping u.s. troops in iraq after the wa
. 77 in fremont. 77 degrees in san jose staying nice and warm through the extended period. >>> we're following the latest on the deadly blast at the fertilizer plant in texas. danger facing some residents there. first, this is "today" on nbc. president and mrs. obama arriving in boston to honor the victims of monday's deadly bombing. here you go little man. [ humming ] [ babbling ] the cheerios bandit got you again? [ both laugh ] ♪ the one and only, cheerios [ both laugh ] what thats's great. it won't take long, will it? nah. ok! this won't take long, will it? no, not at all. how many of these can we do on our budget? more than you think. that didn't take very long did it! this spring, dig in and save. that's nice, post it. already did. more saving. more doing. that's the power of the home depot. dig in and save with earthgro mulch, a special buy at 3 bags for just 10 bucks. she gives me snickers peanut butter squared and i eat it. it's snickers with creamy peanut butter, would you like one? let's just keep an open mind. [ groans ] [ male announcer ] if you like peanut butter a
as michelle obama said so well, this past summer when you walk through that door of opportunity you don't slam it shut you help someone else walk through that door behind you. my fellow san franciscans i know there's no limit to the opportunities in this city in we keep the door open. if we commit ourselves and put politics behind us we can help future generations and thank you go>urkórrórk[xaxçpkç[u
to think that every president of the united states up through and including barack obama was a war criminal. and because if we can think that they were war criminals, that is if our great-great-grandchildren think they are war criminals that would suggest we figured out a way to eliminate war. if you want to know what the southern delegates to the constitutional convention of 1787 thought about slavery most of them thought it was a necessary evil. now the attitudes were changed by the mid-19th century and they looked at slavery is a positive good thing in part because of the abolitionists. but i would suggest there is a parallel with war. if you ask, and i'm going to ask does anyone in this room think that wars are good thing just in general? show of hands. i can identify one conspicuous individual in american history. theodore roosevelt thought that war was a good thing. once he actually went to war then he changed his mind. but the point is that i can ask this group how many of you think that war is never a legitimate tool of national policy? there certainly have been in our passings but
that their subordinates comply with the laws of war. president obama has committed to observe the geneva conventions through an executive order, but a future president could change it by the stroke of a pen. congress, one of our recommendations, needs to work with the administration to strengthen the torture statute, the war crimes exact the uniform code of military justice to remove loopholes that allow torture to occur. in terms of cia, we did not have access to classified information. this is the reason we're asking the administration to review much of the classified information to see what can be released without compromising national security and to provide more transparency and light on how the policy decisions were made. dr. david gushy would be happy to answer questions when we conclude about the responsibility and how the absence of clear standards left troops on the front line in an untenable position. on the question of effectiveness of torture, there is no persuasive evidence in the public record that the widespread use of torture against suspected terrorists was necessary; that is, that
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